Nashville Heats Up This July

July is quite possibly the most vibrant month in Music City. There are so many amazing events happening and we want you to beat that heat and have a good ole time! This month you can easily find yourself eating our famous Hot Chicken, crackin’ open a cold one at an outdoor music festival or […]

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A Music City 4th of July

Did you know that Nashville is home to one of the Nation’s Largest July 4th Fireworks shows? We aren’t kidding when we say, it never disappoints. If you find yourself in Nashville for this exciting freedom-filled holiday, we have a few tips on what you should do, what spots are the best for watching the […]

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Be Ready for Nashville’s Busiest Weekend

Many of our guests are in town this weekend for the NFL Draft or Rock N Roll marathon. However, there are many unsuspecting tourists who are arriving on Nashville busiest weekend without knowing ANY of these things are going on. Regardless of how you’ve ended up here this weekend, we thought it would be helpful […]

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June is Near in Nashville

The sun is out, the beers are cold and Nashville is full of life in June. Whether you’re here for a quick weekend trip or your staying awhile, we will let you in on the best events and happenings going down in Music City in one of our sunniest months. Be prepared to dance until […]

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May Your Trip to Nashville Be a Memorable One (pun intended)

Nashville usually lives up to the hype it’s been given. May is quite possibly the best month to visit this glorious little city and we’re about to let you in on why! Our winters are pretty cold and our summers are hot enough to fry an egg on a sidewalk… but Spring… Spring is our […]

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Insider’s Guide to CMA Fest

So you’re thinking about attending CMA Fest, or maybe you’ve already checked off your boxes and taken the plunge of purchasing tickets but you still have so many questions. We are going to tell you the ins and outs of attending this 4 day Country Music extravaganza- what you should bring, where you should eat and […]

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Nashville in April

Nashville is going to be packing a serious punch in the month of April and if you’re in town, you can join in on these incredible festivities. Country music is the furthest thing from mind this month as we celebrate the first NFL Draft in Music City, we enter Nashville Fashion Week, encourage participation in […]

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CMA Fest 2019 Lineup Announced

This year’s CMA Fest Lineup has just been announced – and it’s impressive. The fun kicks off on Thursday, June 6 and runs through Sunday, June 9 (most guests typically arrive on Wednesday prior and depart Monday after. However, the airport is a wee bit crazy on Wednesday and Monday so if possible, we suggest […]

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Monthly Nashville Photo Contest

We are happy to announce that we had so much fun with our first Nashville photo contest that we’re making it a monthly thing, y’all. Want a chance to win? Here’s How: 1. Post your Nashville pics on Facebook or Instagram 2. Use the caption: “I got ________ in Nashville” (and fill in the blank) 3. […]

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Spring into March

Here in Nashville, we pride ourselves on good food, great drinks and a plethora of musical stylings. What some people might not know about our sweet little town is that we are more than just cowboy boots and Broadway (we love these things, too, though). The culture that this place offers is pretty surprising if […]

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